Like a harvester gathering vintage grapes, Paul Imholte collects the wonder of acoustical string music and shares that beauty with audiences. Known as the “stringman,” he sings and plays a dozen traditional instruments. He performs at festivals, schools and concerts across the United States. For the last ten years, Paul has been composing and recording instrumental music for the hammered dulcimer and songs about life in the Midwest.

Paul's featured instruments is the hammered dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer is an ancient string instrument from the Middle East. It is played with light mallets or hammers. Along with the hammered dulcimer, Paul plays fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola, mountain dulcimer, cello, viola, autoharp, harmonica, jaw harp and spoons.

Along with his solo work, Paul plays in two other performing ensembles. In 2000, Paul joined a group of musicians playing Celtic music. This group became Ring of Kerry. This five member band plays a rollicking and robust blend of jigs, reels and hornpipes and sing fun-loving songs of sailing and traveling the wide world.

In 2011 Paul founded The Tarveys with singer Karie Oberg and dobro player John Ely to perform and record and perform songs of farms and small towns. Their collaboration found a home on the CD, Barn Raising Day.

Performances have taken Paul throughout the Midwest and from New York to California. He has released CDs of hammered dulcimer instrumentals and songs for children and adults.